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Purchase royalty free high resolution images of historic locations in the United Kingdom and United States. In addition to standard photographic prints, images are offered in various media formats to include watercolor, oil paint, pen and ink watercolor, and mixed media. One-off, one-of-a-kind commissions are accepted.

Frank Biganski has been taking pictures since his preteen days using his grandparents’ Argus 620 camera and later, his mother’s hip new Kodak Instamatic 120. In 1975, Frank’s brother lent him $450 to buy a used Nikon F black body camera with lens and Photomic viewfinder. After high school, Frank began working as a photo lab technician developing film and printing custom enlargements for some the Palm Beach Florida’s most notable artists and photographers. That’s when Frank began fine-tuning his skills, and some of Frank’s most memorable and colorful clients were Mort Kaye Studios and artist Mal Camins, both of Palm Beach.

Today, Frank continues working for himself as a real estate property photographer in London, England, and he spends some of his free time creating digital photographic art by implementing the use of Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Lightroom, Topaz Photo AI, Aurora HDR, Luminar NEO, and an assorted list of other Photoshop ActionScripts.

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