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Terms and Conditions | Use of Purchased Imagery

Permitted Uses
Customers may purchase and use images exclusively for personal use only such as wall art in a home, home office, or boutique shop.  Customers may also use the images for both print and online advertising however photo credit “Image Courtesy of” must be clearly legible and labeled by each image.  Customers may not share or distribute purchased images with other family members or co-workers. Customer’s purchase constitutes one license agreement with the individual who purchased the image.  Customers are allow to manipulate the colors and density (brightness, darkness, contrast) of the images to suit their needs.

Prohibited Uses
Customers may not use my images for reproduction in business use such as mass-production of wall art, coffee mugs, or online or print advertising whether for profit or non-profit. If you are interested in using my images in mass production for retail purposes, please contact and I’ll be happy to discuss licensing for such use.  My fees and terms are very reasonable.

Custom Orders
We offer customers canvas-mounted prints, which are printed directly on canvas and mounted into a frameless mount. All canvas prints are purchased “AS-IS” and are no refundable through  Customers are also permitted to deal directly with any print shop. The print shop will likely request to copyright release from us so to receive your Release, email Frank Biganski at [email protected]

Thank you for purchasing my digital images, and please never hesitate to contact me if you have any other additional questions of concerns.

Frank Biganski

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